Benefits for ecommerce

Even the best products remain only a promise until they are delivered.

You can replenish your inventory before it runs out, because you can set up automatic minimum availability notifications.

You will handle all sales channels in one process and in one system.

You can handle seasonal sales increases more easily by connecting other seasonal warehouses.

You will detect errors in your orders at a very early stage, e.g. an incorrect phone number, which will allow you to correct it before the package is handled.

You will increase the level of service – ask the customer to complete or correct the data before it brings unpleasant consequences, such as delivery difficulties.

You will avoid mistakes and delays caused by human errors, as integrated systems minimize or eliminate the need for staff.

You can notify customers of status changes at any stage of the process.

You will protect your investments – we will integrate with what you already have and with what already works well.

You will be able to track all order statuses at any time.

You will combine different WMS, ERP systems without high costs.

You will decide for yourself what statuses you define and make available to your customers..

You will be able to answer customers' questions faster and easier, because you always know the status of each order.

You will integrate multiple systems and gain more transparency in one view of the Linker platform.

You will see all the information in one system – without having to switch between the different ones.

You can easily meet the requirements of global players, such as ebay or Amazon.

You will reduce the number of disputes in the complaint process, you can have photo and video documentation of the order picking and packing stage.

You will avoid miscompleted orders with the platform support during the packaging stage.

You will eliminate packaging errors with the help of integrated scanners, alerts and notifications – the system ensures correct picking.

You will generate picking lists (the platform supports single order picking, multi order picking or both).

You will immediately answer the question: what was in the missing package? Even if it was only a part of a larger order.

You will increase the possibility of personalizing your order (you can easily add free samples, accessories, etc.).

You will avoid additional shipment surcharges by automatically verifying the weight or dimensions of the package.

You will organise the process of attaching appropriate documentation to the shipment much easier (invoice, receipt, return label, etc.).

The system will tell you the cheapest carrier for a given package sent to a given address.

You will be able to use the services of many, already integrated, carriers, at home and abroad.

You will avoid the unpleasant consequences of consumer mistakes by verifying the data downloaded from your sales channels.

It will be easier for you to expand into foreign markets, just check if the Linker platform already has partners there.

You'll be able to accurately account for the consumables and packaging materials.

With the same team, you'll do more, speed up and standardise.

You will reduce the cost per operation.

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