Benefits for logistics operators

Even the best products remain only a promise until they are delivered.

You will notify your customers about shrinking stocks.

You will not start processing your order without stock availability.

You will verify the correctness of the data if your customer does not do so at the form stage, based on their own validators.

You will not take wrong or incomplete orders.

You will inform the customer about changes in the status of each order – you will decide for yourself how many and what statuses you will create, and with what channel you will inform.

You will avoid human error – it is the systems that exchange information without staff.

You will manage the level of availability to your systems and visibility of certain statuses.

You will protect your investments – the Linker platform will integrate the systems involved in the service delivery process.

You will provide your customers with a functional Customer Service, because at any time you know what stage of the process every order is at.

You will combine different WMS on the Linker platform without incurring huge replacement costs.

You will have the freedom to choose any WMS, or integrate different ones.

You will save time – the status of each order in one system – without logging into different systems (WMS, ERP, etc.).

You will integrate all the systems involved in the whole process – ERP, WMS, CRM, carrier systems, etc.

You will eliminate packaging errors; the scanner and the system ensures correct picking.

You will always be able to tell the customer what happens to their order – from one system.

You will avoid disputes over complaints by easily accessing a video or photograph – if you register the picking and packing process.

You will enable your customers to meet the requirements of large global platforms – ebay, Amazon.

You will identify in which package there are specific elements of the order, which may be important in case of a complaint or insurance.

You will integrate sorting and packaging support devices (scanners, intelligent racks).

You will be warned if your shipment exceeds the weight limit before it goes on the road – you will avoid a surcharge from the carrier.

You will make it easier and quicker to verify picking at the packing station.

You will streamline the sorting and packaging process using audio and optical signals (scanners, lights, sounds, warnings, etc.).

You will accurately account for the materials and activities at the packing station.

With one process and one platform, you will serve all your customers. You will easily identify the benefits of standardization.

You will add a photograph or a video to a specific order to dispel your concerns in case of a complaint.

You will save time thanks to the intuitiveness of the Linker platform.

You will offer personalization at the packaging stage (letters, samples, leaflets, etc.).

You will be able to accurately account for consumables, packaging materials, samples and gifts.

You will add the appropriate documents to the package and the platform will take care of the correct picking (receipt, invoice, return labels, etc.).

You will reduce the cost per operation.

You will be ready to address the most sophisticated and complex requests of your customers.

Using the same resources, you will be able to offer more services to your customers.

You will be able to use the long list of available integrated couriers and carriers of the Linker platform.

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